Dont Suffer From Dry Eyes – Choose Meds Online

itions can all contribute to these symptoms. Ophthalmologists can treat and prevent dry eyes.

Eyes feel dry. have dryness when their tear film has been damaged. It’s comprised of oily, watery, and mucous layers. Healthy eyes blink frequently to refresh their film. If one of these layers is disrupted, the eyes aren’t properly protected from the air and can experience dryness and discomfort.

The treatment of dry eyes depends on what is causing the dryness. To establish if tears do not contain any mucous water or oil, ophthalmologists will test them. They can then recommend the appropriate procedure. The doctors can prevent tears from leaving your eyes by closing small tear drainage channels inside your eyelids. This procedure can be useful to those suffering in dry eye caused by aging.

Dry eyes syndrome can be diagnosed by an eye surgeon. If you’d like to treat it by yourself initially it is possible to try out over-the-counter artificial tears.