Ditch The Desk For Virtual Offices

Ditch The Desk For Virtual Offices

Gone are the long eight-hour days in a cubicle. No more sharing a coffee pot with the entire floor and having your food eaten out the fridge. The typical office is slowly fading away as telecommuting increases and virtual offices become more popular.

To telecommute means to work from home, making use of the Internet, email, and the telephone. In modern terms, you hear it referred to as working remotely or remote work. Telecommuting, or working remotely, is gaining more popularity among businesses. In a study of more than 1,000 professionals, 65% said that they allow employees to work remotely. The option to work remotely has become more popular due to increased productivity and decreased overhead. Sixty-seven percent of professionals agree that working remotely is productive while 80% of employees view the option to work remotely as a job perk.

Working remotely, however, doesn’t mean a complete separation from the office and that’s why virtual offices are worth considering. A Virtual office is a service that promotes employees and owners to work remotely by providing many business functions accessible through the internet, like phone calls, emails and record keeping. The first commercial application of a virtual office occurred in 1994 and the demand for them has since grown.

Virtual Offices Increase Productivity and Decrease Overhead

According to a new study, the top 10 industries most likely to use virtual offices are financial, legal, consulting, technology, real estate/brokers, healthcare, marketing and advertising, entertainment, retail, and construction. Virtual offices provide you with a wide range of business and office solutions, allowing you to run your business without a physical facility. They give you flexibility, increase productivity while easily keeping your employees engaged. One of the many benefits of using a virtual office is not having to commute which makes time for actual work. Sun Microsystems found that employees working at home use 60% of the time they would have spent commuting actually doing work. Another benefit of a virtual office is the on-demand use (hourly, daily or weekly) of conference rooms and offices for meetings.

Customizable Office Rental Packages

Stat international has an office solution that is unique. They provide office space in Delaware with packages for rental office space, a professional virtual office, temporary office space and more. The ensure you have everything you need to run your office short-term or long-term. Alongside unique office solutions, the offer an address, phone Reception • voicemail to email, administrative services and more. Contact Stat International for a personalized package suited to fit your needs.

You can cut costs by occasionally using office rentals or a virtual office. Companies now offer complete office solutions for small businesses, growing ones or those wanting to save money on overhead. Office rentals are now a thing of the present and you can rent office space or virtual offices that include all you need for your business. Instead of paying for a building, consider a virtual office and office rentals that promote efficiency and productivity while saving you money.