Digital Business Window Graphics Are Worth the Investment

Business window graphics

There are signs virtually everywhere, fighting for our attention and business dollars. In this plugged-in age, our eyes are far more likely to be drawn to a digital sign than a traditional static image. Our constant reliance on phone, tablet, and computer screens has trained us to zoom in on a moving image and ignore those flat business window graphics that now seem to blend into the background.

LED message centers are commonplace inside businesses, but digital outdoor banners are one of the most effective advertising tools that a business can use. In fact, almost 40% of consumers reported reading an outdoor ad each time they pass it, while a full 60% said that they read digital outdoor business signs every time they see one.

But business window graphics are just as important as large advertising signage, and digital sign solutions just as effective in a business window as they are on the side of the road. A recent study reported that more than 40% of consumers were more likely to shop at a sign with digital signage. This is a huge advantage that business window graphics can make.

One St. Louis company reported a 30% increase in sales after installing a digital window sign. Not only are these signs more effective, they’re also more interesting, better able to impart information to potential customers, and far more cost effective in the long run than more traditional signage. While static signs and banners must be changed frequently, digital signs can be changed simply and as often as needed. While the initial investment may be higher, the long term return on investment far outweighs the cost.