Custom Product Packaging Company Offers Discounts Through Reseller Program

Retail packaging boxes

Whether it be corrugated boxes or cardboard retail packaging designs custom product packaging is an important part of the commerce world that typically gets overlooked. The corrugated industry employs over 70,000 people throughout the United States an has been a cost-efficient preferred choice for over 100 years. Custom packaging solutions come and go all the time, but FoldedColor Packaging just announced a move that could have a big impact on entities like individual designers and small agencies.

The California-based custom product packaging company just announced in a press release that they will be offering a reselling service that will offer discounts of up to 20%. The idea is to allow graphic designers, marketing and advertising agencies, print brokers, promotional product distributors, and anyone who sources packaging for customers a web-to-carton solution. All customers will be able to benefit from the company’s referral and FoldedColor’s Reward Points Program.

“Customers tell us that they’re pleased with the ease of use of our web interface, with our rapid turnaround time, with the quality of the finished product, but nothing says ‘satisfied customer’ quite like repeat business and referrals,” said Jan Steiner, president and CEO of FoldedColor Packaging, an online division of Thoro Packaging. “We’re happy to reward customers for their loyalty, especially designers, agencies and brokers who turn to us for all their packaging needs.”

The opportunity for people to create, find, and ultimately utilize new custom product packaging is a lot more potentially beneficial than you might think. In fact, one recent article in Packaging Digest disclosed that research shows consumer decision making is down to five seconds at the retail shelf; in other words, packaging design matters!

The FoldedColor Reseller Program and subsequent discounts will only be available to resellers, but all customers can take advantage of the rewards program.

There are more options across the board in today’s increasingly flooded market. That’s why setting yourself apart with custom product packaging is becoming more and more crucial. Finding a unique designer through a reseller program like this could be just what your business needs.