Crane Safety Training on the Job

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Many workers in the United States rely on safe and reliable machinery. This is something their lives depend on. Taking that responsibility to heart, many companies set a standard for high quality on the job training. Construction safety training is one of the first things that new construction workers should be exposed to. There are construction safety courses that construction workers can take that teach material handling, crane safety training, fall protection, and forklift safety training.

The two that need the most attention are crane safety training and fall protection. These create the most injuries year round. Many crane safety training classes offer certification for Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). OSHA helps to enforce safety regulations on the job. OSHA does regular safety inspections and created safety regulations for numerous companies, including construction. OSHA encourages construction companies to train their employees in trip, slip, and fall safety.

Falls are the construction industry’s leading cause of fatalities. There were an average of 362 construction related falls from 1995 to 1999 and all of them resulted in fatalities. In 2011, 4,209 workers were killed on the job. These falls can relate to anything from slipping and falling off of a platform, to falling from cranes, forklifts, and lifting gear. Safety training and safety training classes or courses are imperative to helping save the lives of construction workers. Crane safety training and fall protection can avoid several on the job incidents.
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