Considering Starting Your Own Medical Marijuana Business?

Marijuana business license

The recent legalization of marijuana has changed the medical industry in a variety of ways. Decriminalization of marijuana is slowly being established in multiple states, for reasons including, but not limited to, the medical benefits of cannabis continuing to be brought to light through multiple studies. Investing in the cannabis industry requires extensive medical knowledge, as well as living in specific states and acquiring a business license. Continue reading to learn more about the changing face of the medical industry, cannabis business development and how to craft a medical marijuana facility design.

Legalization Of Marijuana

It’s estimated nearly half of all Americans have tried marijuana at least once. The National Conference Of State Legislatures (NCSL) has tallied that 23 states, as well as the District Of Columbia, allow medical marijuana in hospitals as well as the growing and selling through local certification. States such as Oregon and Washington have taken measures to decriminalize certain amounts of marijuana possession and now allow it to be sold with the aid of a medical marijuana business license.

Health Benefits

There are multiple health benefits inherent in marijuana. While only 6% of current marijuana studies have analyzed its health benefits, it’s been found it has a remarkable ability to reduce chronic pain and assist in mental health issues such as PTSD. A recent survey found that 92% of patients reacted positively to medical marijuana, while 76% of doctors approve of medical marijuana use in their clinics. California has also seen adults using medical marijuana to cope with serious conditions such as cancer and arthritis.

Medical Marijuana Facility Design

It’s estimated the national legal marijuana market will be worth over $10 billion in the next five years. Colorado saw the marijuana industry’s changing legislature creating at least 7,000 new jobs for its residents and supporting over $18 million in state taxes. A medical marijuana facility needs to be able to accommodate both the product as well as the customers coming in to buy. While supplementing supply with a warehouse is the preferred route, others may choose to grow on-site depending on financial and local demand. Contact your local marijuana consultants and get a professional opinion on how you can obtain a license and start your own business in this flourishing industry.

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