Complete All Your Projects With Captive Fasteners and Other Micro Screws

Different installation processes exist in the construction industry and other practices, with captive fasteners like screws, nuts, and bolts needed for different projects. Many of these are needed for the installation of certain shelves and other items, while some of them are also necessary to help put together prefabricated items bought from the store. The fastener industry stands on its own, and it employs over 130,000 people in the United States alone. Early development of the screw dates back to roughly 200 B.C., with many advancements in the industry made for several centuries now.

Screw Manufacturers

In the earliest days of fasteners, screws and others had to be made by hand, leaving no screws being made identical to one another. So, the actual screw manufacturing industry began to evolve in 1928 when the National Screw Thread Commission set the first standards for the interchangeability of screw threads. This is where requirements and matching screws began to be developed together along with the mass production of screws and other fasteners that would match and work equally in the projects where they were used.

From there, the industry has grown, both in the number of products it has been able to manufacture and the number of people that are employed. All of the different types of fasteners are able to be manufactured in a standard size, torque, and capability so that large packages can be sold to construction companies and contractors for standard screws, nuts, and bolts are available. So, with over 200 million fasteners manufactured in the U.S. every year, there are more than enough to help keep the construction industry going from day to day.

Some Specific Small Screws and Captive Fasteners

Custom small screw specialists work with these tiny fasteners the most, making them able to help with all the need for hi-lo screws with the reduced minor diameter. Placing these small screws and other captive fasteners properly allows for less displacement of plastic material. It also helps to reduce the stress placed on the functioning joints of those machines and other products. Hi-low screws also have a double-lead high and low thread. The high thread has a 30-degree thread form to further minimize material displacement while providing positive thread engagement. There are many different small fasteners that fall within the work of custom small screw specialists, including some of the following:

  • Micro screws
  • Custom micro screws
  • Custom shoulder bolts
  • Customizable screws
  • Custom fasteners
  • Machine screws
  • Miniature screws
  • Undersized screws
  • Machine screws
  • Micro fasteners
  • Miniature screws
  • Captive fasteners
  • Custom manufactured micro screws
  • Custom set screws
  • Micro plastic forming screws

From this list, you can see the innumerable options available for all the different fastening needs you may have. No matter the project you are completing at home or the new item you have to put together, there is always an option that will work perfectly and last a lifetime. With so many micro and custom fasteners, additional options are available to purchase and work with.

The Need for Captive Fasteners

With all of these micro fasteners available, the ability to lock into the patterns that they use can help best because the fastener matches or space where it is installed. Some of the micro and captive fasteners today include custom manufactured screws, while others are custom shoulder bolts and other fasteners that receive screws for the locking thread. No matter what, these fasteners are all able to hold parts of a project together, so long as the correct size of screws, nuts, bolts, and other fasteners are used. The value of the captive fastener and other custom fasteners include the many different design factors that are manufactured to custom-fit whatever other fasteners are needed for the construction or contracted work being done.

With all of these custom fasteners available today, any project can be completed specific to the design intended, while they are also able to maintain minimal visibility and still hold products together for a very long time. Other fasteners keep pictures, shelves, and other things attached to the wall, while you may be able to put together exercise equipment and other items together with the fasteners supplied in the package. They work with almost everything.