Cloud Brokerage Services Can Help You Make the Transition

Cloud service broker companies

Cloud service brokers connect enterprises and government agencies to complete cloud services. Beginning with IT infrastructure assessment and design, through integration and implementation of multiple cloud products and all the way to maintenance, cloud service brokerage eliminates the need for internal IT management. It also offers lower costs and flexibility, scalability, advanced security, compliance and low total cost of ownership. With all these advantages, the rapid growth in cloud services is expected to continue.

Cloud services are growing
More and more businesses and government agencies are using the cloud for all their computing needs, and using cloud service brokerage to handle the transition and future operations. Globally, the market for cloud equipment is projected to reach $79.1 billion by 2018.
Spending on the public cloud is predicted to increase, from $40 billion in 2012 to $100 billion in 2016, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).
Researchers have found that more than one third or 35% of all IT services are already delivered via the cloud. A major part of cloud services are accounted for by managed security services. The cloud-based security services market is projected to grow to reach $8.71 billion in 2019.

Advantages of cloud communications
At the present time, 59% of large enterprises already use cloud storage, because it offers seamless sharing of information between between development and operations. Cloud communications also allow data sharing across applications. This streamlines operations, and because the data can be accessed from any location, it also gives employees mobility.
Cloud service customers list the reliability of cloud computing as the most important reason for switching. This is followed by cost, and the ability to integrate with existing infrastructure. Cloud services also offer substantial savings on IT operations. For example, using the cloud computing model for IT services is expected to reduce government expenditure on data center infrastructure by nearly one third, or around 30%.

Making the transition
A cloud service brokerage can help you make the transition. Businesses and government agencies switching to cloud services don’t need to hire new IT departments to handle cloud operations. Cloud consultants offer access full cloud services along with the know-how and connections to the latest technology.
For companies and agencies wanting to make the transition, a cloud services broker will first carry out a needs assessment. This involves looking at the client’s current IT infrastructure, to determine whether cloud services can be used in conjunction with the existing system or if they are needed to complement current IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing offers many possibilities as well as challenges. From installation to maintenance to security and governance, highly specialized knowledge is needed. Cloud service brokerage can provide all necessary services for a smooth transition and trouble-free operations.