Class “A” CIPP Technology for Trenchless Digging

Pipe bursting cost

Many businesses do not realize all of the different options to choose from when it comes to trenchless technology. CIPP technology is a high-end method that involves andldquo;cured-in-place-pipeandrdquo; methods that are able to rehabilitate types that range in diameter from 110 inches all the way down to 4 inches. That is great technology for any business that is hoping to have trenchless pipe repair work done without having to deal with a great deal of digging.

Pipe Bursting Repairs

Of course, commercial business owners and anyone that has a large facility will want to understand what can cause pipes to burst or to have any type of sewer line problems. Here are a few interesting facts that can contribute to problems with drains and sewer lines.

  • If your building has a sewer system that is 40 years old or more, then more than likely you will be experiencing problems and you may need to have pipe bursting repairs or you may need sewer line repair.andnbsp; CIPP technology is a great way to determine just where you are at with your sewer lines, plus you may need to have a sewer camera inspection to determine exactly what is going on.
  • Even though trenchless options for fixing any type of sewer line may cost between 30% and 50% more money, a consumer needs to realize that this option still will be more cost-effective, because the restoration work for digging and all of the other plumbing issues can be twice as expensive in the long run.
  • As a commercial building or large facility, you may have discovered that you have giant trees growing around your building. These trees could possibly create a huge problem with your sewer line or interfere with your septic system or types. It is recommended that you have a professional come in at some point and take a look. If you have a problem or the potential for a problem, CIPP technology will be able to help you get the right solution.

Living in Richmond, Virginia is an excellent place to start with trenchless pipe repair. Your commercial building or any other large facility is going to be treated with excellent professionalism, because drain inspections and making sure that any sewer lateral line repair done in Richmond is going to be a high priority.andnbsp; Taking full advantage of CIPP technology is going to save you a great deal of money, but also you will be able to rest easily knowing that any potential problems will be solved.