Choosing the Most Effective Advertising for Your Business

Metal free standing sign holders

It is common these days for businesses, whether large or small, to utilize the opportunity of using signs for windows to advertise their product or service. There are an unlimited number of types of signs that can be used to attract the attention of the consumer. Shoppers are often intrigued by signs that catch their eye while they are shopping and they decide right then and there to make a purchase. Statistics show that anywhere from six to ten purchases made in store are done impulsively. Many are made as a direct result of signs on display racks or indoor sign stands holding advertising that leads to a purchase.

Signs for windows are commonly used in the form of decals, stickers, or clings. Often the type of sign used will depend upon the adhesive that holds it in place. Stickers and decals are often one in the same, but the names are sometimes interchanged. This is a sign that, once placed on the window, will not be able to be repositioned. Its careful placement is essential for a smooth, classy, professional look. Window decals and stickers are semi-permanent and, once the sign is positioned where the business owner wants it, it will be very difficult to rearrange it. The difference between decals in the form of signs for windows and decals that are used for walls is that the adhesive for wall decals is of a lower adhesive material which can be moved.

Another type of window sign is the clear window decal. This is an example of glass door signs that is clear everyplace except where the lettering shows. This type of sign works well for glass door business signs, or even for something like a retail cooler sign or a retail freezer display.

Opaque window decals and perforated window decals are commonly used as signs for windows as well. Opaque simply means that the sign is white except where the lettering shows, and perforated are created for one-way visibility. Perforated is signage that shows the letters and design to customers approaching the front door of the business, but does not show inside. Anyone on the inside will be able to see through the lettering to the outside.

Signs on the doors and windows of a store or business that inspire customers to come in to browse are a great reason why many purchases are made. Statistics show that a whopping 82% of decisions to purchase are made by customers who are physically in the store. Another study showed that of random purchases made by customers while shopping, 16% of them happened as a direct result of their attention being attracted to a sign or announcement.

Another type of signs for windows that give a business a professional edge is the acrylic door sign holder. This coverage gives extra protection to a full poster that advertises the business, product, or service, and can be displayed in a number of creative ways. In addition to being hung on a door or a window, it can be stood on the floor as an easel type floor sign holder, or can even be hung from the ceiling. It can be hung on the wall as a stand out display or can be hung on metal with magnetic backing.

Some other creative retail display ideas include magnets and aluminum framing. A swivel display frame is also a unique way to advertise to customers. The frame can be easily mounted from a wall or even the ceiling and can be turned to be seen from a choice of angles. The sign or graphics can slide in and out which makes for quick and easy changes, and come in a variety of custom colors and sizes.

Metal and wood sign holders and stands are also a popular choice for signage among many businesses. These can be found in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Some come with built in literature holders so that customers can take information with them. These stands come in black, metal, acrylic, clear, and wood. They can be bought as sidewalk stands, A-frames, and sandwich boards. They can be equipped with ballot boxes, and can also be illuminated. The bottom line is, the choices are endless!