Choosing an Electric Hydraulic Pump and More

Hydraulic torque wrenches

If you are looking for an electric hydraulic pump, there are a number of points to bear in mind when you are looking for these or any other hydraulic tools. First, ask yourself if your electric hydraulic pumps of choice need to be hydrostatic or hydrodynamic, and then ask yourself about the relative merits of a pneumatic hydraulic pump in the given situation. The man powered or electric hydraulic pump you choose should always be calibrated precisely per the manufacturer instructions prior to use if you are tightening something such as high tensile bolt connectors, for example, so always look for a bolt tensioner or other tool manufacturer with a great reputation for consistency in this area. For tensioners in particular, make sure that you know the variety you are looking for. Variable, fixed, subsea, and pump coupling tensioners are just a handful of these types of tools, so choose accordingly!

Notably, it should be said that if you are looking for hydraulic or mechanical tools, the latter type will need to be broken in a bit prior to calibration. This is especially true of hydraulic torque wrenches, which actually combine elements of both hydraulics and mechanical functions. Make sure that your torque wrench calibration is absolutely precise in order to ensure the continued high quality of your work!

With any tool that will be used to exert force or pressure, make sure that you know how many pounds per square inch, or avoirdupois units, your tool will need to be able to exert on the materials you have in mind. Gather together the information that you need, and search the web for the tools you need that meet the specifics you have outlined above. Make your purchase accordingly, and you should hopefully have a tool that works beautifully for a long time.