Child Care Management- the Next Frontier

Management system

Owning a childcare center doesn’t come without its flaws as parents have put the health and safety of their children in your hands. Almost 33 million children are in childcare arrangements. A quarter of children ages five and under are in some form of organized child care arrangement, whether it be a child care center, nursery, preschool or participating in after school programs. These children have differing home lives, one third have an employed mother and more than one quarter have mothers in school, with a full time stay at home parent being present in less than one in three kids.

Even though every family has a different way of affording child care, a couple can on average expect to pay eight percent of their monthly income on child care. Some cut back their spending on discretionary purchases such as cable television, gym memberships, family vacations, and they stop eating out as frequently. Parents often alternate their work schedules to tag team child care responsibilities, with one parent putting the child on the bus to school and the other getting them home safely.Additionally, 75.2 percent of full time employed mothers utilize some sort of family care, compared to the whopping 86.3 percent of part time mothers using family help. It seems that grandmothers are getting a good work out!

All things considered, no matter the child care option, over two thirds of American parents agree that the government or their employers should be doing more to help fund the costs. Because of this, your child care center may offer many different options of financing and it can become confusing keeping every different case on track. Installing child care management solutions can help in keeping the headaches at bay because they are incredibly useful for collecting payments and streamlining communication between parents and the center.

As things go, most child care centers in the United States lack the proper technology infrastructure and business intelligence tools needed to be productive and successful in the overall management of collections and revenue cycles. Child care management software can help to automate the revenue capture, saving hundreds of hours a week and leaving secretaries very happy!

With this new technology, you can now play with the kids without leaving any tasks left undone- what a feeling!