Caterpillar Lawn Care

Tractors are a historical piece of machinery; they first appeared on the market in the early 20th century and were pieces of equipment that weighed up to 60,000 pounds and were powered by steam engines. Tractors have obviously evolved since then and have proven that they are not just for farming; they can make construction and yard scale yard work and landscaping significantly easier by reducing manual labor and saving time. However, purchasing just the tractor itself will not get you very far; tractor packages, which include the add ons necessary for your job, are a wiser purchase by providing you with the equipment you need at a lower net cost per machine.

If you are a gardening or landscaping enthusiast, but not a machinery whiz (such as, you own a couple acres and a huge garden, but have never farmed a day before in your life), browsing through tractor package deals may prove to be a daunting task. Here are some key add ons for Caterpillar tractors to look for when choosing the tractor package that is right for you.

Digging up large amounts of earth? Caterpillar backhoes are best. Backhoes are attached to the Caterpillar tractor and are powered by the tractor’s own final drive motors. Backhoes are useful for a variety of acreage uses, from digging pits to removing tree stumps.

Front end loaders will do the heavy lifting for you. There are front end loader attachment options in lawn tractor packages. These tractors, which are geared for lawns, gardens and small acreages, can use a front end loader to move essentially anything, as long as the size and weight is within your loader’s capacity.

What’s a garden without a tiller? Your lawn and garden tractors can include a tiller in their package. Upgrade from hand tilling or push tilling your garden with an attachment that is quick to install and easy to use.

Ditch the wheelbarrow, and haul your tools with ease. Your tractor package could come with a small utility trailer, able to be hitched right up to your lawn tractor. These trailers vary in size and style to meet your personalized needs, and make it easy to move your lawn care and gardening tools from one end of your homestead to the other.

Your tractor package will make the gritty work of taking care of your garden and lawn easier, so that you can spend more time doing what you love.