Careless Cleaning Can Distract from a Completed Construction Site

Commercial janitorial services

Both residential and commercial post construction clean up can influence the success of a project.
Imagine a sophomore college student and her mother excited about the move in to a college apartment. Excited about having more space than the previous year in a dorm, the mother and daughter have packed carefully and planned for the space in great detail. Unfortunately, when they show up to move in, they find a mess. The painter who came through and touched up the walls left trays and brushes on the carpet. The tile floor in the kitchen is spattered with paint drippings. The carpet has obviously not been vacuumed in the last week. Worse yet, food that must have been left in the space by the painters has attracted cockroaches too many to count.
Frustrated and nearly in tear, the mother daughter move in team contact the landlord. Full of apologies and offering to cover the cost of a hotel stay for the next two night while they both take care of the bugs and the construction clean up, the landlord promises to visit the unit first thing in the morning. Two phone calls later, one to an exterminator and one to commercial cleaning services, the landlord promises herself that she will never again skip the cost of post construction cleaning. The cost of post construction cleaning would have been minor compared to the hotel bills and bug extermination.
First Impressions Matter When a Tenant Takes Over a Space
Whether the tenant is a sophomore in college or a data storage company with 150 employees, the first impression of a well cleaned space is important. And while many construction crews indicate that they will clean up after they complete a job, their level of cleaning will likely not match the cleaning of a professional post construction cleaning crew.
Understanding how to eliminate drywall dust, dripped paint on wooden trim, and attention to windows is part of the service that is covered in the cost of post construction cleaning. Money well spent, a professional crew can make a completed construction site look move in ready.
According to the publication HomeAdvisor, the cost of post construction cleaning can be as low as $150 or as high as $950 for a single site. The pricing, of course, is determined by the space and the deadline. In almost all cases, however, the clean up expense is money well spent.
Commercial Cleaning Services Can Also Extend the Life of a Space Once It Is Leased
For as little as $20 to $30 a visit, a commercial cleaning crew can send someone to empty the trash, vacuum, and dust in a small office. Depending on office size and the number of bathrooms, obviously, the price of a daily and weekly cleaning service can be determined. Many office managers understand, however, that cleanliness leads to two things:

  • employee respect for a workspace
  • a healthier work environment

It is a given that a clean space every morning encourages workers to respect the space where they spend their days. When workers return to a cluttered office with overflowing trash cans and unvacuumed floors it is easier to be careless about picking up after themselves. A space that is cleaned every night, however, presents a welcome environment that lets every day get off to a fresh start.
In addition to setting a respectful tone, a clean work environment is more healthy. The average desk can ouse as many as 10 million bacteria. The average keyboard, chair, and computer mouse, for instance, can hide as many as 21,000 germs per square inch. These germs lead to sick workers who either take time off or come to work and infect more people.
The saying Cleanliness is Next to Godliness may seem a little extreme, but in the case of a workspace or a completed construction site it is true. A clean office every morning or a clean space for every renter sets a precedent. Workers and tenants know that they are appreciated and respected. Just like a home, daily cleaning services can help extend the life of a space and encourage respectful care. Skipping the cost of daily cleaning services or post construction cleaning crews is never a good idea.