Buying School Supplies the Right Way

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As you were skimming through your child’s school supply list this year you caught sight of the phrase three ring binder. You sigh. Every year they want all four of your kids to have at least three ring binders. But then suddenly you have an idea. You log onto your computer and type “3 ring binders bulk” into a search engine. However, they still aren’t as cheap as you would like them to be so you do another search; “3 ring binders bulk cheap”. Same results. You give up and go out and pay between $6 to $12 for each binder.

Well, I’m here to give you an idea. One word: wholesale. Buying wholesale is a little different than buying in bulk. If you buy in bulk 3 ring binders will overall be cheap but it is unlikely they will have the exact number that you need and you may end up paying relatively the same amount as you would for 10 binders but the benefit is that you would end up with more like 20 binders. This is still frustrating if you only need 10 binders because you don’t feel like you were really saving any money. However, buying wholesale means that each individual binder will be much cheaper than other places. You can still buy a large quantity but you can decide the amount that you want better than you can if you’re buying in bulk.

The reason wholesale is so much cheaper than retail is because wholesale does buy things in bulk from numerous manufacturers and so was able to sell them at a lower price and still make a profit. When you buy wholesale you were buying directly from the supplier. You can buy in bulk at wholesale prices if that is what you were looking for but the example search of “3 ring binders bulk” Will not render as good a result as “three ring binders wholesale”.

The only downfall of trying to buy wholesale is generally they will only sell to retailers. However there are some places that will sell to individuals.

Buying online was the right thing to do, however. More than a third of shoppers buying back to school supplies say they do their shopping online. It is a lot more convenient and easier to compare prices that way especially if you were trying to find someone that sells wholesale. Generally you cannot just walk into a wholesale company or warehouse. For the most part they only ship to retailers or individuals, if they sell to them at all.

This may seem like a lot of unnecessary work to buy a few school supplies like a notebook and spiral notebook graph paper but if you need to buy a lot of it or even need to buy it very often. Finding a wholesale company is your best bet at saving money.