Buying a Shipping Container? This Tips can Help

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Between 2014 and 2017, the market for containers is expected to grow by 5.3%. At any given moment there are about 20 million container ships traveling around the globe bringing goods to new markets and old ones alike. Roughly 90% of the global trade market is impacted by the shipping market. Given all of that, there are a lot of shipping containers so if your business is looking to buy them, you are in luck. There are a lot of new shipping containers for sale around the globe.

Tips for Buying New Shipping Containers for Sale:

  1. Just buy what you need. It is much too easy to get more container than you actually need. You can most likely save money by going with an older container that may not have a perfect paint job and maybe is not in the best shape. Make sure you get the right size as well. You can buy 40 foot shipping containers when you really only need a 20 foot shipping container. You may think you want to look only at new shipping containers for sale but you might want to consider used.
  2. Make your plans for the delivery of the shipping container. You need to know that you can make arrangements for the delivery of the shipping container that you have purchased. This is not like having a pizza delivered. You may need to get additional space and equipment to store and more the shipping container after you have had it delivered.
  3. Check the working parts of the container. Make sure the doors open and close as smoothly as you need them to. Check the locking gear sides. If you have already bought the container when you find out about these problems, you will have to have them repaired. if you have not bought it, you should price out how much those will cost to cover the repairs and see if you still want to buy the container.
  4. How important is the color? Used shipping containers typically are painted for the company who owned them. New shipping containers for sale tend to be painted tan or white. If you want, you can buy one with a brand name printed on it and paint it yourself. Used shipping containers are that much cheaper than the new ones.
  5. You will have to add a lock box if you buy used. The biggest drawback for buying used shipping containers as opposed to the news ones is the issue of security. You will have to add a lock box to your used shipping containers. What you can do when you sure looking to buy steel shipping containers is just ask about if they install a lock box. This is a big deal and before you buy any container make sure you know if you are going to have to make storage container modifications to keep your items safe and secure.
  6. When do you need it? If you need it right away, you will need to look only at new shipping containers for sale. If you do not need it immediately, you may be able to go with a used one. Keep in mind that with used shipping containers, you have to paint and clean them up so that takes some more time. Do all of your research into your different options. If you really do need it right away or if you look into the costs, you may find it costs more to buy a used shipping container and then deal with all of that maintenance.
  7. Map out what you plan to do with the container. It is worth it to physically draw out all aspects of the project that you are planning. It will give you a good visual of where everything will go and what you need. This is often really helpful when buying used or new shipping containers for sale.

If you find yourself needing a shipping container, it really is not a complicated item. The bigger issue when you buy new storage containers for sale is just the size of the container and the logistics involved with getting it. Do your research before picking a shipping contained and you should be able to get what you need.