Building a Soundproof Booth for the Office

Today’s offices are places for productivity and work, but the bad news is that sometimes, the activity of an office may be distracting, irritating, and overall interfere with how well a worker today gets their business taken care of. What can go wrong? Often, sheer noise is the biggest problem for today’s office worker to face. Gossip, arguments, sneezing and coughing, noisy fax machines or copiers, and other workers speaking on their phones can all raise levels of stress, work mistakes, and distractions by a significant amount. What can be done about this? A soundproof booth can be built (or several of them) in the office, and a soundproof office booth will provide a distraction-free place where an office worker may call business partners and customers on the telephone without suffering stressful distractions like other conversations and ringing phones, or the sound of traffic outside. A soundproof phone booth for office work may also have a small desk for other work, and an office worker may spend a fair amount of time in this booth get their work done on time, error-free. What are some of the statistics that highlight the need for an office phone booth, and what other industries may make use of soundproof technology?

Why You Should Build a Phone Booth

Workplace productivity is vital for business, and for that reason, plenty of studies and surveys have been done to find out what the biggest obstacles for that hard work may be, resulting in a pool of statistics that paint a clear picture of noisy offices. Workers have often reported that noise will increase their general stress levels, and this may affect their mood, concentration, and rate of errors, and this may even cost them customers and business. It has been found that 33% of Americans will switch companies if they suffer even one instance of bad customer service, and losing customers due to poor service costs American companies an estimated $62 billion per year. If a worker has to speak up over other talking employees or can’t hear what the customer is saying, this can result in poor communication and therefore bad customer service. Something similar may be said for when office workers are speaking on the phone to business partners.

By contrast, installing a soundproof booth can alleviate a number of these problems. Once seated inside a soundproof booth to make and receive phone calls, workers have often reported many improvements in their performance. For example, general stress levels may go down as much as 27%, and this may be a result of other improvements to performance that a soundproof booth will bring. For another thing, worker concentration may be boosted by as much as 48% when working inside a soundproof booth, since there are no distracting conversations, ringing phones, or noisy air conditioning disrupting the worker’s concentration. Similarly, rates of worker errors may go down as 10%, and this helps not only decrease stress levels, but also saves time, since there are fewer errors to correct while working in a soundproof booth. 51% of all conversational distractions may be eliminated once a worker settles down in their soundproof booth to make and receive calls. A worker, or several of them, can bring a noisy workplace to their manager’s attention and request soundproof booths being installed so that productivity may be increased, and if interested, a manager may contact the right construction crews to visit and install one or more soundproof booths.

Soundproof Tech

A soundproof booth is effective for the office, but other industries will also want to find ways to reduce noise pollution. In hotels, for example, the #1 customer complaint is about noise, but if a hotel sets up more soundproof tech such as special paint, then hotel guest reviews tend to be more positive, and guests are more likely to return or suggest that hotel to friends and family. This can make soundproof paint or insulation a great investment for any hotel manager. Smaller motels and larger hotels alike can take advantage of this, and whether guests are tourists or business professionals looking for a quiet place to relax or review their work, a quiet room is something to be desired.