Brand Marketing Changes

Brand consulting

Brand marketing is very important! If you market your brand, even if it is just through keeping an online blog, you will get two thirds more leads per month than if you were not; especially if you are in the b2b market. While you may feel inclined to run to your computer and throw up as much content as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time, any brand consulting specialist will tell you that this is the wrong approach and that if you use a brand marketing agency, you are better off just simply taking their suggestions. While brand marketing is nothing new to a brand marketing agency, we do find that it looks differently today. In fact, it is known that the first recorded billboard rental took place in the late eighteen hundreds. Any franchise consultant that has worked for a brand marketing agency can speak to the accolades of this event. Even the Ridley Scott ‘big brother’ Apple ad that debuted in the 1984 Super Bowl is still remembered and quoted by many that work at any brand marketing agency both big and small. They franchise marketing team remembers the impact it had on society and the public.

It was not until the dot com era that the change in marketing style began to take place. Brand marketing, and marketing of any kind up until that point were largely outbound. Now the goal in marketing and brand marketing is to engage the customer and alter the style of response to be more inbound as people look to the marketing resource for more information or to get them engaged.
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