Branch Connections, Piping, and More Finding the Best Tools for Your Job

Finding a piping system supplier that you can trust can be a struggle. How do you know that the flanges, branch connections, or pipes that you’re looking for are good quality? When you’re installing piping systems, you need the best materials for the job. Here are some tips for ensuring that the materials you’re using are of the highest quality.

The Right Flange

Pipe flanges are mechanical connections that have bolt holes to provide connections for multiple pieces of pipe, vessels, pumps, or valves. Steel pipe flanges come in a variety of pressure classes and styles. These metal flanges are most often classified from 150 to 2500 # rating. Flanges are essential in high-pressure situations so it’s important that you find flanges that are available in a wide range of steel grades for varying levels of use.

The Best Branch Connections

Branch connections, also known as olets, create a channel between two pipes to allow liquid and gas flow, depending on the need. Branch connections are essential to keep things flowing smoothly. Otherwise, you could end up with leakages due to poor fittings or flow interruption. The U.S. economy loses more than $9 billion each year due to pipeline corrosion and improperly fitted pipe. The right branch connections can save your company from suffering from the same fate. Make sure the branch connections you’re using are fitted properly to avoid similar problems.

Superior Pipes, Long Weld Necks, and More

Of course with the right flanges and branch connections, you also need pipes, long weld necks, and other products that help you get the job done at the right price. Businesses depend on pipes that meet industry standards and the right long weld neck flanges to add the right amount of strength and stability to the current piping job. Whatever you’re looking for, double-check that your materials are up to grade and can pass inspection.

There are over 100 major projects along the Gulf Coast that will require flanges, piping, and various pipe fittings in the next five years. Those are a lot of jobs that need the right tools to get the job done. Your company deserves high-quality projects that can keep your job running smoothly and make you look good when all is said and done. Let us guide you through the process and help you find the right items at the right cost today.