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HCG is a hormone. However, what exactly are HCG and how does it get tested? Find out more in the article below.

The hormone HCG that means human-chorionicgonadotropin in the body, is a hormonal. This hormone can only be produced when pregnant and can’t be found in the body otherwise.

The HCG hormone can be detected in two ways, the blood test, as well as an urine test. If you purchase an pregnancy test that you can take at home the test is a urine test which tests your HCG levels.

A majority of the tests for pregnancy available on the market allow for the detection of HCG at levels so high that you’ll notice it at the time you miss your period or several days later. The frequency of this can vary depending on the test that you select.

Another method to determine if HCG exists earlier than an unintentional period is a blood test.

HCG levels increase rapidly in normal pregnancies. The amount can double in 48-72 hours. If you or your medical professional are concerned about your pregnancy, then you should take tests on your blood for HCG every 2 to 3 days to see if HCG levels are rising in a normal manner.

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