Better Shipping Means Better Business Shifting From Full Truckload To Less Than Truckload In 2019

Not all transportation is built the same. The sooner this is grasped, the sooner your business can truly take off.

Aerospace logistics today are more refined than they’ve ever been. They can provide customers expedited shipping services that bring their products earlier than expected. Expedited trucking can save businesses thousands every year with more clever stop and start points. Speaking with LTL freight companies about their custom transportation methods will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for your brand. With trade show shipments to move and customers to please, no detail is too small.

What’s the most effective method of travel today? Less than truckload, it seems, is leading the pack. Here’s why.

Customers and businesses alike have a lot to catch up on. Transportation is moving at the speed of light and it’s up to you to keep pace with the changes. The LTL market today is estimated at an impressive $35 billion, seeing particularly fast growth in areas related to transportation brokerage software. These are useful tools for keeping track of scheduling, mapping, planning, weather, and various details as they arise. Even the most efficient expedited domestic shipping services can be buffed out.

The American transportation network is a labyrinth of change. According to statistics provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, nearly six million commercial motor vehicles work in the United States. Overall, around 12 million trucks, rail cars, and locomotovies move goods in and out of the transportation network. It’s a full-time job making sure packages arrive at their destination safely and on time. If you’re coming up against obstacle after obstacle, it could be a sign you need to change your logistics.

When you want to save money and time, you turn to less than truckload. The LTL market only continues to flourish thanks to this happy balance. According to data provided by Satish Jindel — the president of the SJ Consulting Group — the length of haul has declined. Public truckload carriers have reported the average length of haul has gone down by almost 5% between 2011 and 2016. This is an easy conclusion to draw, as shorter hauls use up less gas and reduce the risk of accidents or lost materials.

That’s not all you have to look forward to concerning your trade show shipments. The U.S. Department Of Transportation has also seen the value of freight moving, expected to increase from $880 per ton in 2007 to nearly $1,400 per ton in 2040. Combine this with the spike in American e-commerce revenue — $425 billion and climbing — and you have only one course of action. Whether it’s full truckload or less than truckload, a custom transportation plan is how you save the most possible money. Expedited freight services make sure everyone is on the same page at the end of the day.

What can expedited trucking do for your trade show shipment? On top of delivering faster you’ll also save some much-needed time on set-up and presentation. Trade shows are held in convention centers all across the United States, with October of 2016 seeing over 250 convention centers operating at once. California and Florida have the largest number to date, boasting 20 locations each. From trade show shipment on a deadline to industrial machinery transport with a high risk of error, better shipping is vital.

Double down on the unique elements of your business. Use shipping services that match your model, not contradict it.