Benefits of a Food-Specific ERP Software

Manufacturing and inventory management is hard. Manufacturing and inventory management for food products, especially perishable goods, is even harder. If you’re currently using Quickbooks (or the old-fashioned ledger and pencil) to run your operation, it could be time to look into a food ERP software. These systems are equipped with features like enterprise resource planning but also include the food-specific services your business needs.

Safety and Recall

When it comes to food manufacturing (particularly in the perishable food business), safety, compliance, and incident management are a dreary part of the job. Of course, this management is crucial not just for the safety of the public, but to protect brands from catastrophic recalls or outbreaks. In order to isolate potential safety risks, your ERP system should be equipped to quickly pull up data sources to track sources of contamination (ideally in the form of a food traceability software). This can be integrated into your overall food recall plan if and when problems arise.

Recipe Management

You may have heard of recipe management and development software before. The recipe management software is connected directly to your production lines, allowing management to make quick changes to batches. Electronic history allows your team to keep track of changes to recipes and recipe deployment. For smaller operations with direct to store delivery, this gives you a lot of power to make changes and send them to quickly to retailers.

Food Distribution Software

Your food ERP software should map how and when your products are delivered. Unlike traditional inventory management, your food inventory management software should help you ensure that you’re delivering perishable goods in a timely fashion. The best software options will often have mobile inventory management options, so you can be sure your product is cycled no matter where you are.

As high-tech as it sounds, a food ERP system is designed to make your day-to-day operations simpler. Talk to a representative about the options that are available with a food distribution software, or ask for a demo. Updating your ERP system can take the guesswork out of your daily operations, allowing you to focus on the production that you love most.