Benefits and Values of The Phone Booth Office Design

One of the key factors in creating a phone booth office design is the ability to improve workflow and efficiency. Considering the fact that soundproofing is at the core of the phone booth office design there have been many improvements found regarding issues like work errors, distraction, and concentration.

What is Phone Booth Office Design?

It is hard to believe that this type of office design is not necessarily something that follows the appearance of a phone booth. More of it includes the need to include things like soundproof paint and other designs that help to limit conversation and other audio that causes a distraction in many offices. One of the most common locations where noise can be a distraction is in a call center or customer service location where many people are on the phone at once. With the office being open and desks being close to one another, employees are often distracted by the conversations that surround them.

How to Build a Phone Booth

Interestingly enough, the phone booth office design is not exactly the same as the phone booth you stand in to make a call. Some of the cubicles in the office are able to have a bit more enclosed space to make it a bit more like a phone booth or a soundproof office booth. This changes it away from the usual open office space. Especially if you are in a company that has employees on the phone all day for customer service and telemarketing, there is the potential for an office to become quite loud. Again, this leads to issues like distraction and work errors when noise levels increase.

Booths Within The Office Design

So many different potential additions to the office are able to reduce the noise that may cause trouble in the work efforts of your employees. While something simple like soundproof paint has reached a $200 million annual market, there are many other options to help reduce noise levels in the office. These different designs include:

  • Office phone booth
  • Soundproof booth
  • Soundproof phone booth
  • Private phone booth for office
  • One of the things that provides great potential with any of these includes the fact that they may be completely built around the entire design. Some of the booths may be included in the complete office while a private phone booth may be one where a meeting could be held or even something that may be more in need of privacy. An individual employee has the ability to handle work with composure while also avoiding the excessive noise that can flood an office when everyone is on the phone.