Are You Putting Together a Sales Team?

Hire sales manager

For any company, the right employees can push it to the top of the competition. There is perhpas no other profession where this more true than sales. Sales jobs require employees to be at the top of their game, be willing to go the distance, and have the company’s best interest at heart at all times.

This is not always easy, because a sales job can be extremely taxing, demoralizing, and simply too exhausting to remain in for too long. For this reason, without hiring sales people who can take on these responsibilities willingly, any sales team will suffer.

Here are some tips for sales recruitment companies looking for how to hire sales people that will be worth the investment.

  • Experience. For an entry level position, there is nothing wrong with hiring a candidate who has less than a few years of experience, and minimal sales accomplishments. But if a recruitment agency is trying to secure an applicant for a higher level job, such as a sales manager, several years in the field will be one of the only way to ensure that he or she will be the right fit.
  • Real Confidence. An interviewer will always be able to distinguish true confidence from a facade just put up for interview purposes. It is often easy to tell confidence from a handshake — when someone shakes hands firmly while looking the other person directly in the eye, it is usually a sign of true confidence. Flaky answers, a refusal to meet the interviewer’s eyes, and a shifty body can all be tell-tale signs of a lack of confidence.
  • Proven Track Record. It is also not enough to hire someone who has the experience, but no sales success on his or her plate. Proven sales reps will have excellent sales numbers, have exceed their goals consistently, and have landed big clients for their former companies. These candidates will be ideal for higher level positions.

It’s not always hard to figure out how to hire sales people that will just fit the job description, but more often than not, a candidate that could go above and beyond the call of the position will be the best person to hire.