Are You Practically Inviting Burglars Into Your Home?

Realtor lock boxes

Burglaries are more common than you might think, with more than 5 million occurring every single year (and 73% of them taking place on residential properties!). What’s more, many people do not realize that homes for sale — especially ones where people are no longer living — are prime targets. Where are some of the best places to hide spare keys so thieves won’t find it, and how can realtors take advantage of some of these same strategies?

Think Outside Of The (Mail)Box

One of the first place thieves will check for a spare key is the mailbox — especially if you have one attached nearby the door. Remember, hiding places like this one are blatantly obvious. You also want to avoid stowing keys under the doormat, on top of ledges above the door, and any other place you may have seen on TV or in a movie. Keeping a key in house siding — a considerable distance away from the door — is a much better option, according to experts.

The Best Time For A Barbecue

One former burglar suggests picking up a couple of magnets and attaching a spare key to the bottom of your grill. True, if you need to use it, you will have to walk around to the side of or back of your house — but it’s certainly preferable to the alternative.

Real Estate Agents, Realtor Supplies, and Combination Lock Boxes

Of course, sometimes it’s necessary to keep spare keys in a more obvious location — especially when selling a house or making arrangements to sell. In that case, communicating a hiding spot to a bunch of different individuals can get complicated and ultimately inefficient. Instead of going that route, combination lock boxes should be one a staple in realtor supplies. These boxes help realtors and officials keep a key in plain sight, but people will only be granted access into the home if they have the combination.

Protect your keys and your home — by keeping them out of the way and, most importantly, out of the most obvious hiding spots. Research more here: References.