Are Fire Alarm Inspections Really That Important?

Per a survey of 199 businesses, 35% had a fire evacuation plan. That’s not exactly a very high percentage. Before employees, clients, co-workers and possibly patrons can be evacuated, your business needs to be able to know there is a fire on the premises. This is especially true when your business is a multi-story building such as a hotel, hospital, data center or warehouse.

Mitigate Life and Fire Safety Hazards

Do you know the best way to protect your business? Fire alarms are the top way to keep everyone safe. It takes more than just fire alarms, however. Are you sure that your fire alarms are functioning properly and have been well maintained? Fire alarm inspections ensure that you are keeping your commercial building and the occupants safe from the threat of fires. There is a great need for regular fire alarm inspections so you can provide a safer environment for all.

Besides the Obvious Reasons, Why Is a Fire Alarm Inspection So Important?

Fire alarm inspections can help keep faulty alarms from wasting valuable city resources, including resources offered by your local fire department. Top fire protection companies offer fire alarm inspections that can prevent expensive fees and accidents. What fees, you may ask? Some jurisdictions will actually charge your business for alarms that are a nuisance. Fire alarm inspections ensure that your alarms are functioning properly and also aren’t giving false alarms that could cost you later.

Find Out if Your Insurance Company Offers Discounts

Your fire alarms could save you money when it comes to your insurance. When you hire a professional fire protection company you are insured that your alarms are well maintained, installed, and inspected. This will limit your liability when it comes to potential injuries suffered by occupants of your building. You need to be able to provide proof of fire alarm inspections that are regularly scheduled to really enjoy reduced premiums as well as limited liability.

Don’t Break the Law

Fire alarm systems need to be inspected in order to avoid breaking the law. A fire alarm system needs to be inspected per the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72), making it the law. Your building must meet specific requirements per local fire inspectors, building department and your insurance carrier. When you keep inspections for your fire alarms regularly scheduled, you are assured that you are keeping up with the local authority and won’t suffer from breaking the law.

Fires Always Cost

A fire may not always take a life, but they always cost. You could lose customers as well as jobs. Over 80% of smaller commercial businesses who have experienced a large fire will close without ever reopening. Businesses that have been able to reopen after a fire suffer from prolonged absences which results in long-term losses in consideration of their existing customer base. Repair costs can also be paramount and keep your business from being able to open soon, even with the help of your insurance company. The damages are astronomical in many ways.

Ensure that your business stays protected with inspections that ensure your fire alarms are functioning properly at all times. It is recommended to immediately follow-through with suggested corrections from fire protection professionals. They can help keep you safe and up to code.