American Energy Usage Is Skyrocketing How Spray Foam Insulation Can Finally Turn Things Around

Energy usage is at an all-time high. Businessowners, homeowners, renters…everyone’s getting frustrated with bills that never seem to stop climbing.

Spray foam insulation products are here to finally provide some relief. While they won’t uniformly eliminate all energy concerns, they’ll go a long way in reducing the more common factors that go into spiked energy bills. Green application and sustainability is the name of the game this year, with many contractors making sure to put this issue at the top of their list. Why would anyone want to move into a place that will just put them out of pocket? It’s time to talk shop about the spray foam business and what it has to offer.

Here are a few important things you should know about spray foam insulation products.

Just what are we up against, exactly? Nothing nice, according to the most recent studies. Following China the United States is consuming the most energy in the world, with a 2016 study tallying up over 2,200 million metric tons of oil. This same year saw the total consumption of energy in the country at nearly 100 quadrillion BTUs. Put in layman’s terms, this is an issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Employment in fields relating to energy consumption and construction is on the rise. HVAC employment rates, for starters, is expected to go up by 15% between 2016 and 2026. Foam insulation machines are fast becoming the standard for many contractors and repair professionals, too. The combined yearly costs of both industrial and commercial buildings in the United States is around $400 billion. How can you help shrink these costs?

It helps to get to the root of the issue. Rather than try a one-size-fits-all approach with your next homeowners, look instead to some of these studies. If the energy efficiency of commercial buildings were improved by a mere 10% the country could save up to $40 billion in costs. According to recent studies by the Department Of Energy, nearly 60% of the energy used in homes today is for heating and cooling. The spray foam business is essential in reducing this figure to something more manageable.

A lot of energy in today’s homes disappears in subtle ways. It’s not just an old HVAC system that spikes those utility bills, but smaller issues that can go by unnoticed for years. These include gaps in the floorboards, single-pane windows, and small cracks in the roof. Little-by-little temperature is compromised, raising energy bills and frustrating countless families trying to save. Spray foam insulation products will, quite literally, fill in the gaps.

This year should be the year you consider adding a few new tools to your toolset. Graco spray foam gun parts are easy to customize and can fit in just about any job, from major renovations to minor upkeep. Residential humidity levels should be kept between 30% and 55% indoor humidity to maintain optimum air quality. Just filling in a few gaps in the home can slash energy bills by 10% or more. This is a case in which less truly is more.

It’s time to get energy-efficient. What could spray foam chemicals do to give your customers something to smile about? Look up spray foam trailers for sale and find out yourself.