Aerial Banner AdvertisingPossibilities as Endless as the Sky

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Aerial banner advertising has been a successful source of advertising used by businesses for many years. Airplane banner advertising costs approximately $450.00 for each hour spent in the air. It can be done using an airplane, drone, or balloon, as well as other forms of aircraft, in order to transport, display, or create a message. In the 1950’s aerial banner advertising became very popular in order to reach people with a message. At that time there were a lot less restrictions on the use of airspace and security was not as tight as it is now. As is still the case, a custom airplane banner would very often be flown over a location where many people would gather so that the message would be seen by millions at a time. Summer was an excellent time for this type of banner towing. Airplane banner advertising would often be seen over beaches and public pools, and anyplace where crowds would gather.

Skywriting is also another widely preferred method of aerial advertising service used by businesses and customers who want to reach out to the public with their message. The letters can be as much as one mile high and the plane normally will reach at least 10,000 feet before beginning to write. It is at that altitude where the air is just right to hold the smoke that forms the letters together. If the air is the right combination of elements, the letters could remain intact for up to 20 minutes before dissipating and will be able to be seen for up to 30 miles. Skywriting is one of the oldest and safest forms of aerial advertising because it can only be done in clear weather with smooth wind. It has been used for advertising movies, businesses, products, and even a marriage proposal from time to time.

Blimps, because of their gradual, deliberate speed and low cost of fuel, are said to be a perfect choice for banner towing. Drones, which are a form of unmanned aerial transport, are also being used more often now for aerial banner advertising. These have recently been used by companies like Google and Amazon for their advertising.

An interesting technique used in aerial banner advertising are kite systems. Used in advertising for hundreds of years, these systems often carry religious messages, political ads, business ads, and logos.

Aerial banner advertising holds several unwritten awards for being one of the most effective ways of spreading a message. This type of advertising is not only the best at reaching throngs of people in public places, but it also gets the word out to people sitting in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and any other type of vehicle while trying to get through rush hour traffic. An advertisement that catches the consumer’s eye will be remembered long after something said in passing while the driver is thinking of other things. Grabbing the customer’s attention brings their mind into focus and forces them to register what they see.

Aerial banner advertising, skywriting, custom aerial billboards, and the many other types of aerial advertising options are readily available to customers who want to bring their message across to as many people as they can. The cost is less than the cost to advertise on television and will reach millions. This kind of advertising is widely used, and not only for business purposes. People have implemented it for congratulations messages for events like weddings, graduations, and the birth of a baby. The possibilities are as endless as the sky. References. Learn more. Find out more here.