A Single Drop In Temperature Can Destroy Centuries Of Hard Work The Pharmacy Grade Refrigerator

The subject of vaccination is coming up more frequently as of late. Considering the spread of more serious flu viruses throughout the United States, it’s not hard to see why.

Without effective vaccination, both in make and regular access, we would be living in a much more dangerous world. Viruses would spread at faster rates and immunity would be more difficult to obtain, particularly among vulnerable sections of the population. Today pharmacists and nurses rely on a reliable combination of old knowledge and modern technology to make sure they can administrate the most effective vaccinations possible. The pharmacy grade refrigerator is an invaluable piece of equipment in our fight to keep illnesses at bay.

Maintenance is important to get the most out of your biomedical refrigerator. Continue reading to learn more about the development of the scientific refrigerator and how it keeps vaccines at their most potent.

Vaccinations Across History

It’s difficult for some to imagine a time where vaccinations were not readily available and effective. Vaccines have been saving countless lives for over 300 years, originating all the way back in the late 1700’s with Edward Jenner’s ‘arm-to-arm’ inoculation against smallpox. This was a revolutionary vaccine at the time, taking material from a blister of the infected party to inject into another person’s skin. Large-scale vaccine production would become possible in the late 1940’s, with the most recommended vaccinations including smallpox, tetanus and whooping cough.

The Development Of Vaccines Today

Today a vaccination can be obtained through a regular doctor, a walk-in clinic, and sometimes the local grocery store. They’re necessary to prepare the body for the possibility of infection and provide the immune system the materials necessary to keep disease at bay. Vaccines are responsible for preventing more than two and a half million deaths every year. According to recent studies the number of measles-related deaths decreased by nearly 80% between 2000 and 2014. That’s from around 545,000 people to 115,000 people.

Return Of Virulent Flu Viruses

A common misconception concerning vaccinations is that they carry the possibility of greater harm. While some people are unable to take traditional vaccinations (with the presence of allergies or extremely sensitive immune systems), the vast majority of adults and children are able to be vaccinated with little to no side-effects. Unfortunately, the easily preventable flu virus has re-surged in the United States, claiming several lives and leaving many hospitalized. The most well-known symptoms of the flu include a high fever, vomiting, and nausea. Complications are more common in elderly and sick populations.

Vaccine Storage Refrigerators

Without the pharmacy grade refrigerator it wouldn’t be possible to distribute vaccines effectively. Pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics all keep the scientific refrigerator on standby at all times. The CDC has recently estimated as many as 700,000 flu-related hospitalizations cropping up around the country. Additional studies have found nearly 10% of children today haven’t received the Polio vaccine. Understanding how your undercounter medical refrigerator works means becoming familiar with temperature, daily maintenance, and the consequences of a lapse in attention.

Maintaining Your Pharmacy Grade Refrigerator

The function of the pharmacy grade refrigerator is to keep vaccines as effective as possible. A single drop in temperature can ruin the careful mixture and become all but useless when distributed. The most important step is to store vaccines at their ideal temperature at all times, recording the daily temperature throughout the workday. It’s also important to check the temperature whenever you access the refrigerator. The CDC has determined the ideal temperature range to be between -58 degrees and five degrees Fahrenheit.

Vaccinations keep us all safe. It’s your responsibility to ensure the scientific freezer is doing its job day and night.