A Guide to Access Control Systems

Access control systems save businesses from theft and burglary across the country week in and week out. Now, these commercial security systems are so helpful for United States businesses. Commercial surveillance can help deter theft and will prevent shoplifting and employees from stealing products as well. So businesses should take some time to check out all of the commercial security companies near them. That way, they can get the best possible control access system available.

Recent data shows that one out of every 7 businesses has some type of alarm system. These alarm systems are often used simply to scare away burglars and thieves. So more often than not, they are not even actually used in terms of an alarm system. Just the simple presence of security cameras or an alarm will be enough to deter some thefts. They will not want to run the risk of attracting police to the business. Here are more facts on using access control systems and more:

Access Control Systems Can Deter Theft and Burglary

In a study of convicted burglars, approximately 83% of the offenders said they would attempt to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary. So that means that the first thing any criminal looks for when trying to steal from a business is none other than some form of security system. They want to keep an eye out for access control systems and integrated alarm systems. After all, that is going to bring cops to the business and that is the last thing that any intruder wants during a break-in.

Unplanned burglaries and preplanned burglaries are two distinct and different types of break-in situations. A planned burglary involves a thief taking time to survey the perimeter to watch out for civilians, access control systems, and other potential issues. A planned surgery is designed to be quick and easy with absolutely zero alarms raised. On the other hand, an impulsive burglary involves a situation where someone decides to steal without any previous thought. These impulsive theives stated that they 50% of all intruders would not continue a burglary if they discovered a commercial alarm system.

A recent study has revealed that nearly 70% of all burglaries are prevented by simply installing some type of video devices for surveillance. Businesses can truly scare of any thief by just planting some cameras around their perimeter. After all, no burglar wants to be caught on camera for prime evidence in court. That is going to be really easy for prosecutors to use as evidence in order to convince the criminal of their crime. So take time to get the best access control systems for your business.

Access Control Systems Can Help Provide Quick Police Access

Recent information reveals just how helpful alarm systems and access control systems. Simply put, an access control system sets up a system in which controls are restricted. Therefore, only certain workers or certain people can access one area or a particular set of data thanks to this system. So businesses that want to set up a big security system should definitely get some type of access control system as well.

Anywhere between 10% to 25% of all calls for police involve alarms set off by intruders and criminals. As a result, there are nearly 38 million alarm activations each and every year that police officers must respond to. However, this work is valuable and helpful because alarms are usually not set off on false situations. Yet, even if they are, it can still be helpful to business owners.

A simple police presence at a business is going to make criminals want to avoid ever trying to steal from this business. A false alarm requires 20 minutes and 2 officers to investigate. When police arrive to investigate a false alarm, this means that you have cops at your business. No thief will ever want to try and steal from a business that is able to bring in police like this at any given moment!

In Conclusion

Any business that wants to stop crimes right in their tracks needs to invest in access control systems and security access control. This will be a big help scaring off all kinds of potential criminals.