A Different Approach In Cooling Towers

Closed loop cooling systems

Cooling towers are an essential component in the safety of many manufacturers and oil and chemical plants. By removing excess heat from processing, they ensure the safety and productivity of workers and the physical plant alike. Different production systems have different needs from their towers and Delta is one cooling tower company that is trying to fulfill those needs.

By keeping the design of its cooling towers simple, Delta is striving to minimize maintenance and upkeep concerns for its clients. More components and moving parts means more parts that could potentially wear out and malfunction. As a result, Delta manufactures their products with fewer moving parts than some of their competitors as they attempt to maximize use and efficiency. Delta also provides various warranties on its products as a means of ensuring customer confidence and satisfaction if there ever is a concern.

Delta is also one cooling tower manufacturer that is trying take a forward thinking approach in the materials it chooses for their products. Delta certifies that their cooling towers are made of corrosion proof polyethylene plastic which will never chip, flake peel, rust or need protective coatings. For cooling tower systems that are exposed to weather, these features may make a big difference in durability and result in less of a need for cooling tower replacements. In addition to materials, Delta also manufactures its towers to be seamless. Without welded joints or other fasteners, they aim for their cooling towers to last longer and have be of greater overall structural integrity than seamed counterparts.

Delta also offers an array of air stripping systems. Proven effective at Voc removal, this method of water remediation remains popular for its continued low costs for operation, maintenance and initial start up. In offering a wide range of water cooling towers and closed circuit cooling systems, Delta also provides a variety of different capacity systems in the hope being able to meet the needs of any potential client Read more blogs like this: deltacooling.com