A Brief Overview of Various Elevator Types

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Elevators have been around since the 1800s. However, there have been many innovations from the first elevator to the machines we use today. One place where elevators are extremely popular would be the United States. Elevators in the United States make about 18 billion stops each year. The popularity of elevators could be because of their safety. Research shows that elevators are twenty times safer than taking an escalator. Many office buildings and other tall structures would have angry employees without functioning elevators. In this post, you will learn about three specific types of elevators. If you are in need of a elevator repair, please contact a local elevator company to help you.

  1. Elevators with Machine Rooms: Most of us walk into an elevator and don?t wonder about what is making an elevator move. Many elevators use what are known as machine rooms which are semi-hidden compartments above an elevator. These machine rooms are usually used to raise and lower the elevator. Elevators made without the use of machine rooms can sometimes save in energy costs for a building.
  2. Hydraulic Elevators: These elevators are very common in most modern office environments. There is no machine room used for operating a hydraulic elevator, at least not usually at the top with hydraulic systems. The movement of a hydraulic elevator moves because of an electric motor. It is common for hydraulic elevators to be used in a commercial elevator installation. An elevator safety company can ensure all installations are done correctly. Recent research shows that the United States has over 700,000 elevators within buildings all over America.
  3. Geared Traction Elevators: Elevators can also use a system of gears to raise and lower people. It is more common for rope to be used to move geared traction elevators. However, the use of rope certainly doesn?t mean that these elevators are slow by any means. Elevators that use geared traction can reach speeds of around 500 feet every minute.

In closing, there are quite a few different elevator types being used. Machine rooms are housed, usually at the top, near the moving elevator. These rooms are made to house various equipment used to keep elevators running efficiently. An elevator safety company is important to call, should you fear an elevator is not in optimal working condition. This team of elevator repair professionals can diagnose and fix elevator problems so that your business can continue to thrive.