A 1-2 Punch For Compact Cooling

Induced draft cooling tower

How large companies and warehouses produce and supply their product has become an important piece of information today. The focus on the environment and preserving it and ensuring recyclability is more important than ever today. Companies are required to do their part in ensuring their factories and their equipment are up to standard in this area. One often overlooked area of industrial companies is that of the equipment that is used to produce items. These large machines are coded and made to quickly produce items and to package them, saving labor and shipping costs for smaller companies. Someone employees are required to work with these machines to ensure production and supply is handled correctly. What about the equipment that is used for supplying products that puts off too much negative heat and chemicals into the environment? What can be done to help this?

Industrial cooling towers
are the answer. Cooling towers are able to use the evaporation of water in the air to remove the excessive heat in the building and on the machines to cool the equipment. They can be used to cool oil refineries and other chemical and HVAC plants. Cooling systems were initially developed to recycle more than 98% of wasted water, resulting in tremendous reductions in water and energy use as the systems grew in both size and popularity. Many times, these increased in production and reductions in energy use will result in financial savings for the company, as well. For example, a 1000-ton cooling system that can achieve 5% efficiency improvements could save over 90,000 kW0hrs and almost $10,000 each year! A cooling tower has many advantages to both the environment and to the company itself. Comfort cooling systems can also be used to bring down the temperature in plants, ensuring more employee satisfaction and safety in their work environment. Today, more than 1,500 large industrial facilities use large quantities of water to cool their plants. With the use of industrial cooling towers, the water could be more efficiently dispersed, saving both time and money.

A cooling tower company can provide an industrial company many benefits by installing industrial cooling towers into their plants. These advantages can be financial, environmental and safety to the employees. It is important for industrial plants and larger companies to keep up with their equipment, finding new ways to improve products for the environment. Industrial cooling towers are one of those solutions, allowing them to ensure quality and safety.