6 Benefits of Hiring A Background Check Service Provider

Every employee desires to hire competent workers with the right skill sets, experience, and credentials. But the employee selection process is often challenging because there are many qualified prospective employees. The selection becomes even harder when some employees don’t give a true image of themselves.

Approximately 95% of prospective employees applying for jobs have falsified some information on their applications. The prospective employees do this to boost their chances of getting hired or to cover up for their criminal activity. As such, pre-employment background checks are becoming crucial in weeding out dishonest prospective employees. This article presents to you the 6 top benefits of hiring a background check service provider for your pre-employment screening process.

1. It Reduces the Cost of Violence at Work

Survey data from the United States’ Department of Justice reveals that 1.75 million working days get wasted every year by victims of workplace violence. Companies have the legal and moral obligation to offer their employees a safe working place.

As such, they have to dig into the prospective employees’ background to determine whether they’ve engaged in some violent crimes, theft, dishonesty, reckless behavior, or substance abuse. Knowing this information before hiring an employee can help the employer to determine whether a prospective employee is an ideal candidate for the workplace.

2. It Helps Organizations to Meet Customer, Insurance, And RegulatoryRequirements

All employers should verify whether their prospective employees are eligible for employment in the nation and their respective states. For instance, e verify compliance requires employers to ensure that whoever they hire is not an illegal immigrant. Failure to follow such federal requirements may lead to legal action against the responsible companies.

3. Background Check Service Providers Help Prevent Negative Publicity

Negative publicity resulting from an employee’s actions can destroy the image of an employer. The destruction of the reputation may also affect the profits and funding for any organization. These negative impacts may cripple the organization’s operations or even lead to its outright downfall.

4. By Hiring the Right People Employee Turnover Gets Reduced

Third-party employment verification service checks can assist employers in screening in employees who can stay with the company for long. These checks enable employers to get the right employees and they increase the accuracy of the information used to hire new employees. The information generated by background check service providers allows employees to create a competent workforce and it also prevents the hiring of employees with a criminal record or dishonest behavior.

5. The Background Checks Protect the Employers against Negligent Hiring Liabilities

Employers are often held liable for negligent hiring on all information they know and should have known about an employee. This means that employers are responsible for the actions of employees in their workplace. The courts always hold that employers should take caution when hiring new employees.

As such, companies use background check service providers to scrutinize their prospective employees. These companies use tools such as license verification, education verification, prior employment verification, and criminal record checks to reveal potential problem areas in the information provided by prospective employees.

6. It Reduces Dishonesty-Related Losses Caused By Employees

Economic estimates show that most organizations lose at least 5% of their annual income to fraudulent occupational activities. Dishonesty and theft among employees are also known to negate employee morale, damage employee reputation, and it also reduces employee productivity. A prospective employee’s history generated by the pre-employment screening services is an ideal predictor of the employee’s future performance.

As an employer, you should use background screening services tools to verify the information provided by prospective employees in their job applications. Proper use of the information acquired from employment screening service providers can help employers in eliminating or reducing the risk of employee theft and dishonesty. For instance, employers will have to avoid applicants with a criminal history and those that falsify information in their resumes.


Background check service providers are an essential service provider for all employees seeking to hire new employees. The services they provide helps companies to determine whether the prospective employees are ideal for their workplaces.