5 Tips to Making Memorable Digital School Signs

When it comes to signs outside of businesses and schools, a lot has changed in the last several decades. Digital school signs can get more information across and make more of an impact than traditional static signs ever could. Here are some tips to make outdoor LED school signs have the most impact:

  1. Work on the message. The most important thing you have to do when you are designing school electronic signs is to develop your message. The key to messaging with outdoor school signs is to get your point across in the most succinct way possible. People do read the signs they see while driving and walking down the street but they do not spend a lot of time on this. If your message cannot be immediately received and understood it is worthless.
    • Put numbers in your signs. New research done at the Stanford Business school shows that when signs contain digits, the message is retained longer. So if you want people to get the most from your digital school signs, include digits in the message.
    • Use title case for your message. When the main words of a message are capitalized, it is easier to read. Conductor did a study on this and found that 64% of respondents admitted that they prefer advertising that when the main words in a sentence are capitalized, it is easier to read. This also helps people read the copy faster.
  2. Consider the placement of your text. There are good ways and bad ways to align the text on digital school signs. This tips can help you format your text on your school sign board correctly:
    • Look into the F pattern. If you examine the most prominent websites, you will note that the most important text is always placed on the left. Research from the Nielson Group has shown that internet browsers, in countries where people read from left to right, look at content in a pattern that is shaped like an F. When people read from right to left, the pattern is reversed.
    • Highlight important words or phrases. You can use arrows or highlighting to draw the eye to words or phrases that are the most important part of your message.
    • Consider the rule of thirds. With this, any space can be divided into nine sections. To be effective with this, you place the images or text that are the most dynamic at points where the lines creating your grid meet. This can give you a road map of the best places to insert your most important text and graphics. This technique is used by successful photographers.
  3. Be careful with the colors you pick. You need them to contrast from each other but not clash. Of course, when it comes to digital school signs, you have to take the school colors into consideration. The more pleasing your color plan is to people walking and driving by, the longer they will look at your sign. The right colors can increase awareness of a brand by 85%, according to work done by Kissmetrics.
  4. Make use of empty space. You do not have to fill every inch of the LED signs for schools. In fact, the use of empty space can do a lot to draw attention to the most important part of the sign. Empty space in websites and digital school signs can really drive a point home. Too much text or images will make your signs look too busy and your message can be lost.
  5. Use your digital school signs to get people to do something. These asks are often referred to as calls to action. If you want your signs to inspire viewers to do something, you can do that if you design your sign and craft your messages correctly. If your message and requests are simple and to the point and your signage that is pleasant to look at, you can find success with your digital school signs.

There are a number of ways educational institutions use digital school signs. They can showcase the accomplishments of students and faculty. They can inform the community about upcoming events. By making the most of your school sign can help the school perform better.