5 Reasons Why HR Executive Recruiters Make More Sense Than Ever

Human resources executive search

Did you know that 22% of new hires will leave their job within just 45 days of initially being hired? This is due to temperament problems, poor performance, and more. If you?ve just hired someone new to your company, it can be frustrating to have to essentially ?start from scratch? in terms of the hiring process. Hiring takes time, effort, and a bit of luck as well. For this reason, it often makes sense to outsource to an executive placement agency. That way, you get someone who is qualified for the position — and who will actually stick around, as well.

You may not be convinced yet that HR executive recruiters will get the job done for you — so let?s review why these companies are more popular for businesses to work for than ever before.

1. They Act as a Veil Between the Company and the Candidate

Believe it or not, you might NOT be the best person to choose a new recruit for your company. Why? Research has shown over and over that there is a tendency for you to choose someone who you can ?be friends with? and who ?thinks like you do.? This would be great if you were interviewing for your next best friend, but you?re not. Not only can this lead to better qualified candidates being looked over, but it also puts you in the position of hiring a group of employees that think very similarly to each other — meaning less people will be stepping outside of the mould and offering perspectives that may be different, but ultimately very good for the future of your company and its potential to innovate.

2. An Executive Placement Agency Saves You Time

Just looking at the resumes you receive for a position can end up taking up half a work day. Add to that responding to interested applicants, setting up interviews, conducting interviews, reviewing the outcome, offering a position? the search for new applicants is ultimately a time and resource suck that can really drain productivity out of you or your existing employees. By outsourcing this to outplacement companies instead, you know the job is being handled by someone with an expertise in hiring, and you can get back to doing what you do best — running your business, rather than asking people ?where do you see yourself in five years.?

3. Human Resources Consultants Know What to Look For

Experts in hiring have seen literally thousands of candidates over the course of their careers — and they?ve also had the ability to follow up on how these candidates fare in a variety of environments. This experience makes them uniquely qualified to fit candidates to the right working environment.

Ultimately, you’re always going to need new employees — and it’s to the benefit of your company if these employees stick around. Will you be working with an executive placement agency in 2016? Let us know.