3 Ways to Know That Temp Services is Right for Your Company

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Have you ever used temp services to find temporary, part-time, contractor, or full-time employees? Whether this is your first time making hiring decisions or you have had a difficult time hiring employees in the past, using staffing agencies to find the right employees for your company may be exactly what you need to do. If you want to get rid of some of the stress and find an efficient and effective way to hire employees, try using temp services once or twice to see if it works for you. The right temp agencies know how to pair employees with companies for the perfect match.

Interested in learning more about how to decide if you should use a temp agency for temp services? Keep reading to learn some of the tell tale signs that a staffing company could be the answer to all your problems.

3 Ways to Know That Temp Services is Right for Your Company

You?ve tried to hire employees on your own before and it hasn?t gone as planned. Maybe you?ve taken recommendations from other companies or from friends about who to hire. Whatever the case, it just isn?t working for you. Giving recruiting agencies a chance to prove to you that they can do the job quicker and more efficiently may be the right option for you. Here are three ways to know for certain that temp services can help your company out with hiring employees.

1. Employee retention

Employee retention is essential to the success of a company. If the retention rate is low from the start or if it has fallen for your company over the last year, that could be showing in your revenue. More than half of all companies recognize how important employee retention is. That is likely because they have been on the wrong side of employee retention suffering after losing so many employees.

A staffing agency can help resolve that issue. If you want to make sure that your company finds the right fit of employees, using an agency can ensure that a good match is made from the beginning. You can even start by hiring contractor or temp employees to see how the individuals fit in the environment. If they work out great, hire them full-time.

2. Employee turnover

When your employee turnover rate skyrockets, you know there is a problem somewhere in the company. Maybe human resources isn?t doing as good of a job at vetting employees before hiring them. Perhaps job descriptions don?t match the actual job an employee does so they get frustrated and leave the position shortly after accepting an offer. Either way, if your employee turnover rate is high, it?s costing your company value money and time.

On average, companies throughout the country lose around $11 billion to employee turnover every single year. Whether you?re losing newer employees or employees who have been with the company for quite some time, losing an employee can significantly impact a company?s revenue. For every employee lost, it can cost the company 30% to 150% of that employee?s annual salary.

3. New hire losses

If you hire a new employee and they quit shortly after, this isn?t good for the company. Statistics show that within 45 days of joining a company, on average 20% leave. That means those companies have to start the entire process over right after finishing it up. That can take time and energy away from other projects and tasks the company was hoping to work on. It also takes more money to go through the process over again. Using temp services can help save you time, energy, and money by handling the process for you and doing a thorough job. Their entire job is dedicated to finding the perfect match between a candidate and a company. That way, you can get the position filled and move on to other tasks without fearing the employee will leave shortly after accepting the position.

Does your company struggle with any of these scenarios? Has your company considered using a staffing agency for its hiring purposes? Let us know about your experiences finding the right temp services in the comments.