3 Unique Sympathy Gifts for the Bereaved

Best sympathy gifts

The loss of a loved one is a tumultuous time for everyone touched by the tragedy. Whether it’s expected or sudden, death is a difficult reality to grapple with. Many people want to share the burden of grief with those who are mourning, showing them they are not alone during this difficult time. Sympathy gifts are becoming an increasingly popular tradition among those mourning a lost life.

  1. Decorative Burial Urns: Cremation certainly isn’t a new method, dating back to the Roman Empire (27 B.C.). It was a widely practiced ritual and led to the use of elaborate urns for the cremated remains. A jump in cremation rates (20% over the past 10 years) has helped urns keep their place as a popular mourning memento. The urns of loved ones will often line the shelves of homes, a gentle reminder of a life lived.
  2. Cremation Bracelets and Other Jewelry: The practice of giving gifts to express sympathy has been around for thousands of years, though the types of gifts given have changed. The 16th century introduced the idea of mourning jewelry but was made mainstream during the Victorian Era after the widespread use of mass production made jewelry more affordable. Cremation keepsakes such as cremation necklaces, cremation bracelets and cremation pendants allow mourners to carry around a piece of their loved ones as a reminder of their continuing connection.
  3. Tear Bottles: Dating back to ancient times, tear bottles have been used as a gift for the mourning for millennia. The bereaves female relatives of the deceased would catch their tears in small bottles, which were often ornate and decorative. The bottles would then be buried with loved ones as a symbol of love and respect. They are used today as mementos or can be used as tear-catchers.

Mourning is never an easy thing to go through. While friends and family of the bereaved want to do what they can to help, the most that can be offered is support, encouragement and love. When words fail, a sympathy gift will succeed. See this link for more. More.