3 Types of Ships with Different Marine Services

Marine spare parts

The type of offshore vessels in use today varies greatly depending on purpose and function. The first thing to recognize is the difference between ships and boats. Ships are much larger and usually designed for commercial use. While there are many more types, here are three of the most popular ships and how they differ from one another.

    1.) Cruise Ships: Most people are familiar with the marine services provided by these ships. Vacations are their primary function and because of this they do not provide transportation. Most cruise ships return to the port the set sail from. Cruise ships have become an enormous industry. In 2011 it was almost a $30 billion industry serving over 19 million customers. With at least 9 new ships for these marine services made each year who knows you may even see a cruise vessel for sale and buy one yourself!

    2.) Transport Ocean Liner: Fairly self-explanatory as these ships operate as means of transportation as they do “line voyages” which bring passengers from one port to another instead of round trips like cruise ships.

    3.) Transoceanic Trade Liner: These ships are built with specialized parts and equipment from either of the prior examples. Higher freeboard’s and stronger plating are just some of the qualities that will be found in comparison with other ships. This is due to the more intense weather and water conditions they will experience on the open ocean. There are cases of former ocean liners being converted to cruise ships. Marco Polo and Mona Lisa are two examples.

These ships all have different purposes with slightly different specifications but mechanically many of the vessel parts are the same. It is more on the interior where cruise and passenger ships are fully-equipped with luxury amenities as opposed to ocean liners which devote the majority of their space for cargo space. Depending on the marine services you require there is a ship to get the job done.