3 Tips For Ultimate Office Organization

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It’s a new year and that means a new you, right? Well, whatever your lofty New Year’s resolutions and goals were, sometimes the best place to start is your peace of mind? Is your life a mess? Is everything — from your bedroom to your cubicle to the trunk of your car — a complete and utter mess? If so, you’re not alone. Many suffer from these organizational blues, and especially feel the pain in the workplace. In fact, 80% of people believe that a disorganized cubicle and workspae can get in the way of productivity.
And a clean workspace isn’t just about productivity. Majority of Americans judge their coworkers by the cleanliness of their cubicle. And to be honest, we can’t really plame them! No one wants to work alongside the smelly guy at the office.your year! It’s the year you finally get your stuff together and become the most organized, efficient, and beloved human being that you can be. And the best part is that it’s easy to start right now. With these three easy organization tips, your desk will be clean and organized and you’ll be the most popular employee at the office.

  1. First Thing’s First: Declutter
    In order to properly organize, you need to minimize. The best way to start doing so is through decluttering. Look at each item on your desk and ask yourself if you use it. If it’s taking up unnecessary space, donate or throw away those items. And who knows what forgotten treasures you’ll find lurking around your desk! According to research, messy desks account for well over $100 billion of misplaced objects on an annual basis.
    Once you figured out which papers matter and which are useless, get some small 3 ring binders to organize your work. Small binder rings are study and are an easy way to file your papers. And the best part about little ring binders? It’s likely you have one laying around your office already!
    1. Take it One Step at a Time
      Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day — and neither are your organizational skills. Instead, take on projects in small increments. Instead of resolving to tackle the entirety of your desk at once, work from space-to-space. Start in the desk’s drawers, and work your way up until you’ve hit the surfaces. If you need a break, give yourself one. Stepping away from your desk for five minutes will help relax you and recharge you for more organization!
    2. Make a To-Do List
      Got a spiral bound graph paper notebook collecting dust? Good. Pick that up, grab a pen, and start making a to-do list. Using numbered dividers, you can separate your tasks or further organize your life? What are numbered dividers, you ask? Numbered dividers are are binder separators that help you to organize your papers and lists.

    Now that you hold the secrets, go forth and make organizational magic!