3 Things to Consider for Outdoor Business Signs

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Business signage importance is one of the most underestimated aspects of many businesses and companies. You might have the greatest product on the planet, but if you can’t get people in your doors you’re going to have a hard time staying afloat. Simply having outdoor business signs doesn’t mean you’re set either by any means.

Despite the fact that 50% of new customers say they were attracted to a business by an on-premise sign, many people don’t spend enough time or effort in custom banners or creative sign designs. If you’re starting a new business or looking to give your current operation a nice boost, here are three things to consider when selecting outdoor business signs.

  1. Material: What’s in a sign? Well, that all depends on what you want there to be. Wood, plastics, paper, and cardboard are common materials to use, but if you really want to get peoples attention try looking into digital or lighted business signs.

    Research conducted by OTX, a global consumer research and consulting firm, shows that 63% of adults find that advertising on digital signage “catches their attention.? Plus, locations with digital signage average 30% more sales than locations with traditional signage.

  2. Location: Even with an amazing design and digital setup, nothing can kill great outdoor business signs faster than poor location. About 35% of people wouldn?t know your business was at its location without a sign displayed and if that sign isn’t displayed in a good location in accordance with your front door they still might not know where to look.
  3. Variability: There’s something to be said about a business that takes the time to update their outdoor business signs with some regularity. It consumers you’re putting the effort in and it might be worth their while to stop in and check out whatever new thing you might have in store. Be careful not to get to crazy with this though. Business signs should have some sort of thematic design or piece that shows they belong to you. You don’t want people to think an entirely new business is constantly moving in and out of the spot you’re located.

The price of business signs can range drastically from a few dollars to hundreds, even thousands. You don’t need to go all-out with your next purchase, but keep in mind a redesigned business sign that is onsite costs just $0.02 per 1,000 views and it reaches more of your overall market than any other form of advertising.