3 Things CPAs Know to be True

Osa seminars for accountants

We survived the grueling CPA exam and have employed all kinds of antics to keep ourselves awake to study – all so that we could count other peoples’ money. It takes a certain kind of person to sit for their CPA and for those of us who are that special kind of person, we know these things to be true:
The gap year is purgatory
Yep, all CPA candidates must work in public accounting for a year after college before they can take their CPA. That year is often referred to as purgatory. You’ve hurried up to finish your undergrad on time just so you could wait around for a year before taking your exam. You can’t make any long term plans or know anything for certain. Everything is up in the air and the fever breaks after 365 long days. All you’d ever wanted is to sit for the Oklahoma cpa and Oklahoma politely replied, “TTYL, accountants.”
You love the ladies club
It’s a well-kept secret that 60% of all accountants and auditors are women. Women and men alike rejoice in this fact. And with jobs slotted to from 16% by 2020, the ladies club of Oklahoma CPA is a good place to be. But you aren’t just a tax resource; you’ve got ideas! At the Association of Accountants conferences, you come prepared with your number-crunching know-how and business strategy ideas.
OSA Seminars for Accountants taught taught you everything you know (kind of)
Ok, let’s be real, you’d learned all kinds of things before you the society of certified public accountants had that conference, but you sure did learn a lot! Considering that good record keeping is the most fundamental business tax help tip, you could’t believe the apps they their are to keep things in order! Not to mention the breakout sessions. Who knew that accounting could be so multi-faceted.
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