3 Shocking Reasons that Your Property or Business Needs the Best in Fire Protection

Commercial fire alarms

Fire protection should be something that is always on your mind as a property owner. Your tenants and employees depend on you to keep them safe from any potential fire hazards, and it’s not something to cut corners on when it comes to cost.

Commercial fire protection agencies can give you the tools to protect the people in your buildings and minimize any potential damages to your property. When you invest in the best fire protection service, you invest in your company’s future. Here are three shocking facts that may make you rethink how you look at your fire alarm system:

    Confined cooking fires account for over half of hospital fires. A hospital is the absolute worst place for a fire, and your patients deserve the peace of mind in knowing that they’re safe. There seems to be a growing trend of confined cooking fires in hospitals, which often start in the cafeteria areas. Investing in a fire suppression system and keeping up on fire suppression system maintenance is the best way to keep these potential hazards confined and nip the problem in the bud.

    Proper fire protection literally saves lives. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has no record of any fire in a properly-sprinklered building that resulted in more than two casualties. There is really no excuse to not seek fire sprinkler maintenance when needed, and it could be the difference between life and death. Your fire protection should be all-encompassing and cover every floor and room in your building to protect everybody in the building at all tines.

    Hotel/motel fires account for $76 million in property loss every year. In addition to keeping your property safe, proper fire protection also protects you financially by extinguishing fires before they destroy your entire building. If you own a hotel or a motel, you’ve probably already experienced some sort of fire damage, whether it be due to faulty wiring or negligence of patron. Your alarms and sprinkler system should be constantly maintained to contain and eliminate fires before they spread to other parts of the building.

If you already have a fire protection system in your building, make sure every aspect of it is properly inspected and maintained. If you haven’t already invested in protecting your business, find an experienced fire protection company that will instruct you on what you need to protect both you and your guests.