3 Reasons Why Trenchless Industrial Pipe Repair is the Best Option for Your Home or Business

Trenchless plumbing repair

Have you ever driven by a neighbor’s house and their lawn looks like the surface of the moon? Bulldozers and dozens of men are strewn about the yard with dirt and grass clippers flying around like shrapnel. You assume a meteor must’ve fallen right onto their property, then they explain to you they’re currently trapped in ugly process of replacing worn out pipes.

Trenchless, non-intrusive pipe repair became available to residential homes within the last 15 years. With these recent developments in industrial pipe repair, you now have a more hassle-free option of fixing your leaky, clogged, or bursting pipes. Here are three great ways that trenchless pipe repair can make your experience safer, cheaper, and easier:

    Lower long-term costs: While trenchless repair options have a higher upfront cost, usually about 40% more than conventional digging in most cases, the long-term savings are well worth the investment. Trenchless pipe rehabilitation provides your home or business with a durable, long-lasting system. In traditional industrial pipe repair, additional repairs are needed on a consistent basis. Trenchless pipe lining is made to last and minimal, if any, additional repairs will be needed for up to ten years.

    Minimal intrusion: Let your neighbor live on the moon and deal with workers all day long; your yard is precious and deserves to be treated as gently as possible. Trenchless industrial repair boasts an extremely fast turnaround time as opposed to more intrusive methods. In fact, most small to medium-sized jobs can be completed in one day, and your lawn will have no digging scars to recover from.

    Long-term benefits: When you decide to pursue industrial pipe repair, you’re making a big commitment and it is important to know the long-term damage that digging can do. In a recent Angie’s List poll, about 73% of homeowners say that they would be fine with a slightly higher cost if it meant preserving their existing landscaping, patio, deck, etc. Your property is preserved in a unique way that will make you forget you ever even had trenchless pipe installation done on your home or business.

It’s important to talk to an expert and make sure you pick the industrial pipe repair method that is best for your property. Just remember that you do have the option to be free from the loud noises and hassle that come with digging and intrusive pipe installation.