3 Reasons to Consider a Cooling Tower

Maximize air and water contact

Cooling towers, which help in cooling water for business needs, have been steadily gaining popularity in the last decade, with new technology and global issues coming forward. Global warming has forced many businesses to find ways to cut down their emissions and become more environmentally friendly. This includes reducing the amount of water and energy they use on a daily basis, in some cases by huge amounts. A cooling tower system can help do exactly that, and with new tower technology, such as corrosion resistance, they are becoming more and more appealing.

One of the biggest reasons to switch to a cooling tower system is their efficiency. They can help your business reduce energy and water consumption. Not only does that make the business more environmentally friendly, but it also helps save money! That money can go toward making up for the investment on the cooling tower, or to other operations and projects.

New technology is another great reason to invest in a cooling tower system. Thanks to recent developments, there are now corrosion resistant towers. The accumulation of deposits on the tower throughout its run time can reduce its efficiency by up to 5% of more. Cooling towers generally don’t need a lot of upkeep, but being able to fight corrosion will make that even more true. The biggest improvement to keep up on are the fan motors– having high-efficiency motors reduces energy requirements by around 2 to 8% on average.

Lastly, new cooling tower developments and companies can work with you on the size and color of your cooling tower. This can be especially important for businesses within cities or other high-visibility areas. Some towns have appearance requirements for businesses, and cooling tower companies can now work within those needs to make a tower that helps everyone!

Are you considering investing in a cooling tower? What are your thoughts?