3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Digital Video Production Company

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If you’re looking for a digital video production company to make online videos for your business, you’re likely to run into two types. One will create quick and affordable videos that may look attractive. But the other kind will truly pay attention to how videos can be an integral part of your company’s brand and marketing efforts. Even though this kind of video production may take a bit longer and cost a bit more, the return on investment is likely to be higher, too. So how can you tell which companies can offer your business that kind of expertise? These are three questions you can ask that will give you a good idea of the kind of company you’re working with:

  • How Do You Recommend Starting the Video Process?

    Good video marketing doesn’t simply require well-made videos; it requires some good old-fashioned market research. You shouldn’t work with any production company that expects you to jump right into shooting or has only one standard video format they’ll work with.

    The kind of video you make needs to align with your goals, so those should be defined first. Then you’ll need to specify a target audience and figure out what kind of videos will appeal to that group. Do you need a serious, professional video? Something with a little more pizazz you hope will go viral? Your production company should make sure those objectives are clearly established.

  • Will You Help Us Brainstorm and Write Scripts?

    Regardless of what kind of video you end up making, you should expect more out of a digital video production company than showing up with the right equipment. The most important aspect of a video is the story that it tells, and that requires careful development of a script. Your production company should perform research based on the kind of video you agree on, then write and test a script before filming ever starts.

  • Do You Understand How Video Works With SEO?

    There may still be times when you’re seeking out a company to produce corporate videos. But by and large, the most important application for marketing videos online is as part of content marketing efforts. The benefit of using this strategy is that online videos can increase brand visibility as well as supporting search engine optimization efforts; videos get 267% more links when compared to normal content posts.

    It’s possible you’ll find a digital video production company that also does online marketing internally, which can save you a few steps. But regardless of whether you handle all that with one company or have an additional marketing agency in the picture, you should be working with a company that understands online video-sharing patterns and can optimize for those purposes.

Did you know that well over half of an audience — 58% — will stop watching a video in the first 90 seconds? Give your tips on creating videos that capture an audience’s attention in the comments.

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