3 Places in Your Local Gym Harboring the Most Germs

School cleaning

People go to a health club or gym either to maintain a healthy lifestyle or to become healthier. Warm and moist environments are the perfect breeding ground for germs. A host of germs making members sick can cause unexpected illness and deter them from coming back. Customers expect a clean and healthy space to exercise in, and janitorial services, similar to a commercial office cleaning service, can help you achieve that.

While many gyms and health clubs attempt to thoroughly clean their areas, there are high traffic areas that are either missed or not cleaned properly to eliminate all germs. Image as well health are important for health clubs and gyms to ensure a clean image and to help attract new members and retain current members.

Different Levels of Cleaning
There are different levels of cleaning for health clubs and gyms. Some areas must be cleaned to remove germs while other areas should be disinfected thoroughly to remove harmful germs. Routine cleaning may not be effective in different areas of your gym or health club.


Bathrooms typically receive a lot of attention during the cleaning process. Fitness center cleaning requires extra special attention to bathrooms because most of them have showers as well. Showers create a warm moist environment, which is perfect for breeding germs. These facilities are used multiple times per day gathering mold and soap scum. Janitorial services for your gym are the perfect option for a complete cleaning and to disinfect these areas so simple daily maintenance will keep it clean.

Child Care

Children are notorious for not washing their hands and for sharing germs and sickness. The childcare facility in your gym or health club is another area of top priority. A thorough cleaning to disinfect and clean all areas removes germs and harmful organisms. This makes daily maintenance of toys and other surfaces beneficial. Janitorial services handle the deep cleaning so gym employees are able to focus routine cleaning.

High Traffic Areas and Items
Some work out equipment is used more than others are, and is used in close contact with other members. These items, which are used every day and often neglected, should be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly and frequently. A deep cleaning of items such as dumbbells, balls and free weights is needed to remove germs and bacteria. Other commonly touched areas such as door handles and water fountains deserve special attention as well.

An estimated 81% of adults refuse to join or exercise in a gym, which they feel, has cleanliness issues, and 71% will not exercise in one with dirty equipment. Cleaning services help keep your gym or health club in tiptop shape for you, your employees and your members. Unpleasant odors keep approximately 72% of US adults from returning to a gym. Thorough cleaning from of your gym or health club keeps these odors at bay and keeps sickness away.