3 Important Uses for Tumblers in the Food Industry


There’s no doubt that many different types of machines are used in the food manufacturing industry. Tumblers are one of the most notable machines that are used by many food producers. These devices enable food manufacturing companies to accomplish many feats more efficiently than having workers do these tasks by hand. With that in mind, here are three important uses for tumbling drums within the food manufacturing industry.

  1. Mixing Ingredients Together

    In many cases, there are situations in which large amounts of food need to be mixed together. Dry tumbling is often utilized when dried goods are mixed together in a manufacturing setting. In many situations where dry tumbling is utilized, you’ll almost always see a horizontal octagonal barrel used. Speeds for dry tumbling are typically kept within a range of 28 to 32 RPM. You’ll commonly see dry tumbling utilized to help create goods including trail mixes and spice blends.
  2. Applying Coatings to Food Products

    Not all tumblers are utilized for exclusively dried goods. In certain situations, coatings need to be applied to food products. It’s common for many snacks to need either a dry or wet coating before these items are ready to leave the manufacturing facility. There are a wide variety of tumblers that are made to help ensure each food item receives the proper coating. Tumbling drums often have a diameter that is smaller than the length of said device.
  3. Breaking Clumped Items Safely

    A tumbler can also be used to break up items rather than adding or mixing ingredients. You’ll commonly find these types of tumblers utilized when reasonably fragile foods including raisins or other types of dried fruit. It’s important that these foods are separated into pieces rather than clumps.

In summary, there are several important uses for tumblers within the food industry. You’ll commonly see tumblers utilized to ensure that dried foods are mixed together in a fast and efficient manner. Tumblers are also used to apply both dry and wet coating to goods before they’re ready to arrive on supermarket shelves. Lastly, a tumbler is often utilized to safely ensure that clumped foods are gently separated into smaller pieces.