3 Common Asphalt Driveway Repair Issues – Cleveland Internships

Pavement which has been stripped of asphalt or rocks can cause the pavement to rumble. This is because the pavement’s strength decreases as time passes and is replaced by unruly gravel remaining on asphalt.


These are lower areas of pavementthat tend to be caused by inadequate asphalt paving compaction. If these aren’t addressed and fixed immediately, the sediment and water that accumulates in the depressions could result in the surface of asphalt to wear off and weaken its durability.


They are tiny depressions that have bowl-like shapes that go through the layer of asphalt down to the bottom. They may expand as moisture gets into the area and cause severe damages if they’re not addressed.

It’s quite a lot of work to fix and lay asphalt. Professionals are trained in asphalt paving preparation and operation. They are experts in the installation and maintenance of asphalt driveways.