3 Agencies to Consult With Before Your Land Development Project

environmental engineering When beginning a land development project, there are various federal, state, and county agencies that you’ll need to consult with before doing any work. If you ignore any of these important agencies, you could find yourself in serous financial and legal trouble. That’s why consulting with experienced environmental engineering firms can help you accomplish all your land developmental goals.


  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — In order to ensure you’re following EPA health and safety guidelines, you should always have an open communication with the agency. Environmental engineering consultants are experienced in this field and will know what is and is not allowed, which is why you should always work with environmental consulting professionals.


  • Department of Environmental Protection — In addition to following the federal guidelines, you should also be aware of the state restrictions before working on any land project. Working with wetland committees, as well as flood hazard and waterfront development teams is just as important.
  • Department of Transportation — It’s also important to make sure that whatever major project you’re working on is not going to interfere with any daily transportation in your area. If the department of transportation believes that your project could potentially block major roadways or cause issues with emergency transportation, you probably won’t be able to complete, or even begin, your project.


  • County Planning Board — If you’re organizing any major land development project, you should always consult with your local planning community.
  • County Wastewater Treatment Facility — Because many of these property developmental projects impact the area’s water supply, this county facility should always be consulted prior to any major project. Wholly 90% of the U.S.’s freshwater comes from underground. Consequently, less than 27% of the water Americans use comes from this groundwater, which is why it’s important to both keep this water clean and utilize a larger percentage of fresh groundwater.

Make sure you speak with all the necessary agencies before attempting any major land development project. If you need any environmental engineering assistance, contact Water and Environmental Technologies today.